Why Groom Your Dog

Grooming should be done on a daily basis to remove any dirt or debris from your dog's coat. This will help to stop tangles and mats forming.

Regular brushing helps to disperse the dogs natural oils throughout the coat whilst grooming also aids good circulation and good blood flow to the skin and coat to keep it healthy.

Why is it important?

Grooming your dog should begin from when you first bring your new puppy home. If it is done from this early stage, your puppy should accept it as being part of its daily routine.

If needed, once your pup has had its initial injections, find a groomer and take the pup along, even if it is just for a visit, so that the pup can get used to the sounds, smells and sights of a working salon.

By taking your young puppy to the salon from an early age it should have no fear or worries.

If you leave it until the puppy is a lot older, you may find you have a problem, with the dog being frightened or nervous, as to what is going to happen

Groom On A Regular Basis

It is important to groom your dog on a regular daily basis. When brushing the coat, make sure you go right down through the coat to the skin, making sure you comb or brush through thoroughly.

If you only go over the top part of the coat, there is a good chance the under part of the coat, that is not being brushed, will start to knot and mat.

If it does the only thing to be done if the matting is bad, is to remove the coat completely. This is the only humane way to deal with it.

Once matted the mats can become bigger and thicker, if they are left, they will eventually twist and pull on the dog’s skin. It can be very painful. Combing or brushing out a badly matted dog, for me, is not an option.

Think of it this way, if you put super glue all over your head and rubbed it in, let it dry, then asked someone to comb or brush it out, just think how extremely painful it would be. In fact, it would be impossible.

You would have to shave your head and remove the hair. It is no different to a badly matted coat on a dog.

When grooming your dog, you can check and remove any dirt or debris, the dog has picked up from the garden or a walk. It also gives you the opportunity to check the coat and skin for knots, tangles, lumps, bumps, scratches, fleas or ticks.

Looking After Your Dogs Wellbeing

You can also check for grass seeds, especially in the summer months. Pay attention to their paws, in-between the toes and between the pads, and ears, as grass seeds have a habit of getting stuck in these places.

If the seeds are left in the dog’s coat or stuck between the toes, there is a possibility of the seeds getting into the dog’s system through the skin.

As the seed migrates through the dog, it will appear again back out through the skin, somewhere else on the dog’s body, which can cause abscess’.

Due to the shape of the seeds, if they have gone in to far you may be unable to pull them out as the have tiny barbs on the sides which prevent the seeds from coming back out, once in too far to get out.

Regular daily brushing helps to disperse the natural oils in the coat, it also helps to aid good circulation.

By grooming your dog on a daily basis, it will strengthen the bond you have with your dog, and it should be something you both enjoy.

Groom your dog! They will thank you for it!!